About Us

The Vegan Society of Queensland is offering support, education and community events to all its members and the community.

The VSQ Team is composed of key professional individuals dedicated to spread the benefits of the Vegan movement in Queensland.

VSQ uses its team’s professional skills to support all cruelty free endeavours and develop new and creative activism programs to spread the benefits of the Vegan message in Queensland.

"Veganism is the lifestyle that can save the World"

Any Vegan Business and individuals in the community can become a VSQ member for a small fee of $5.00 for individuals or $25.00 for businesses per year to help VSQ support and develop new positive and educational community programs.

We are looking for more dedicated Vegan Volunteers wanting to help us with all our Cruelty Free community programs.

Please get in touch with us here if you are interested in becoming part of this creative and compassionate team.

For more information, please call Rico on 0400 777 100.